mostly harmless!

This blog was created out of frustration.

I’ve been searching for documentations about SSL configuration on the JBoss Application Server and found almost nothing, especially not on the JBoss community web site (where I couldn’t even register to write a forum post, because of missing permission to create a new user Oo). The only hints that I found were pieces of configurations on other blogs, which mostly, but not completly helped me to solve my particular problem.

So what I’m doing now is giving away some more pieces of information that might help other people with similar problems, or at least they help me to remember what I did to solve them. Topics of this blog are:  Software development, especially in the area of enterprise applications with JEE, EJB and Seam, databases, identity management and similar topics.

So, in summary you’ll find here my contributions to the digital world… mostly harmless 🙂


About stexx

Junior Researcher and Software Developer at Salzburg Research; just graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg and now studies at the University of Salzburg in the faculty of Applied Informatics; loves industrial music and progressive rock (Nine Inch Nails, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Cocoon, etc) and is mostly harmless.
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