About me

My name is Stephanie Stroka and I’m a software developer and junior researcher at Salzburg Research. I’m part of the Open Source project KiWi, which is a platform for Social Semantic Web applications. I’m one of those who developed the core system of KiWi, particular the transaction management, version management and permission management.

In my (rare) free time I’m riding my mountain bike, go hiking and running and I also love going to music concerts. My friends say that my musical taste is really depressing, but I don’t think that’s true 🙂 I love progressive and psychedelic rock and industrial music and bands like Tool, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, Cocoon, Queens of the Stone Age, God is an Astronaut, My Sleeping Karma, etc. I do not watch a lot of TV, but I enjoy movies like “The Oxford Murders”, “21”, “Memento” and “The Illusionist”. I also love reading books like The Hitchhikers Guide, Lord of the Rings, books about maths, technology and engineering (current favs are: Fermats last theorem, The Code Book, Die Musik der Primzahlen) and the people behind those topics (like Gauss, Fermat and Andrew Wiles, Riemann, etc), as well as books by Paul Auster.

I just recently graduated from Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (in June 2009), where I’ve studied Information Technology & Systems Management and I continue studying at the University of Computer Sciences in Salzburg. University was(/is) one of the best times I’ve had. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people there 🙂

Have fun, Steffi


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